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InstaReview: Best of 2015

Well, now that 2015 is almost over, it’s time I come out of hiding. :stuck_out_tongue: Matt and I have been sick since we got back from SoCal last week so I haven’t gotten to nearly as many of the plans I had for the rest of 2015 as I thought I would have, but hey, there’s always 2016 to work on them! For now, I wanted to look back at my top 9 Instagram photos of 2015. I’m fairly certain that 2015 was my most active year on IG since I made my account. By  ...

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Life Update: November

Not so shockingly, it’s been almost exactly a month since my last blog post. Y’know, I actually thought I had something else posted in between but I guess not :joy: So, what have I been up to lately? Class: now there’s a shocker. Well, of course! November just happens to be the month of midterms for fall quarter. Midterms are fun, aren’t they? I just completely bombed one today. But it’s okay because that was my last midterm and now I can get ready for the  ...

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Life, Travel

Exploring Seattle

Matt & I spent 5 days in Seattle and we both agreed that we wanted to stay there maybe forever. Our first stop in Seattle was Pike Place Market. We spent a whole afternoon wandering around there. There were so many cute shops &, as always, produce! A lot of the places we dined at bought their ingredients locally, so while we were not able to buy any of the local produce, we were still able to try some of them! By the way, the nectarines were absolutely delicious. I honestly  ...

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Portland Days 2-4

Oh wow the time just flew by. I haven’t had time to sit down and finish blogging about the Portland part of my trip. :see_no_evil: But excuses are over and now I have some spare time (now that Matt is occupied watching his own movies, heh). I was posting on Instagram throughout my entire trip so really, you’re not all that behind. :stuck_out_tongue: Day 2 was really our “Hey, let’s go see everything!” day. We got so much done (and ate so much) that we were so  ...

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