• Reviews

    Booklog vol. 1

    by Amanda
    4 minute read

    I’ve had an obsession with reading and books since I was little. I’ve read many books back to back but have also gone stretches of time without reading any new…

  • Travels

    Winter escape to Portland

    by Amanda
    10 minute read

    Anyone who has heard me talk has probably heard me say that I love the cold. I’ve never actually been in any area with snow and ice for any period…

  • Travels

    Glamping @ Wildhaven Sonoma

    by Amanda
    12 minute read

    After 14 months of being (mostly) trapped indoors, working from home for hours on end, and cancelling all our travel plans, Zach and I decided it was time to take…

  • Dog

    Two years with Milo

    by Amanda
    7 minute read

    Milo was a birthday gift from Zach in 2019. Not the kind of birthday gift like, “Surprise, I got you responsibility!” More of the thought out, we were going to…

  • Rambles

    Rebooting Amandify

    by Amanda
    3 minute read

    It’s back! I mean, I’m back. It’s been almost 5 years since my last blog post and 11 years since I started blogging altogether. Maybe it’ll stick this time. A…

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