About the Girl

by Amanda

Hey there! I’m Amanda.

This is my personal blog. I blog to share little snippets of my life- my ramblings, eats, travels, and photos. I’ve been blogging on and off since 2009 under many different websites, but Amandify is where I’ve been since 2013 and it’s where I’ll be staying.

I live in the SF Bay Area with my husband Zach and sassy corgi Milo. I spend about 110% of my time training Milo, shopping for Milo, feeding Milo, or staring at Milo. I guarantee you’ll hear a lot about Milo.

I spend my weekdays wading through hundreds of emails and my weeknights catching up on TV, playing games, and spending time with Zach & Milo. Weekends are for adventures and food… lots and lots of food.

Other than blogging, I love taking pictures and occasionally practicing calligraphy on the side. Thanks for visiting and spending a little bit of time in my head! ♥ Feel free to leave a comment on my posts, send me a message on IG, or shoot me an email.

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