Chocolate Chip Cookie Cups & Panna Cotta

by Amanda

Last week while I was on my baking spree, I made cream puffs. But nope, that’s not all I made. When I was watching MasterChef and they made panna cotta, I couldn’t help thinking about how this dish tasted. They made it seem like it was such a classic, beautiful dish. And of course, it being MasterChef, they also made it seem insanely difficult to make and that if we lowly inexperienced chefs tried making it, the results would be terrible. I wanted to give it a go anyways. Even if I messed up, it can’t be that bad right? Instead of just trying panna cotta alone, I wanted to do a cookies & milk sort of thing.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Cups & Panna Cotta

The recipe and procedure itself is insanely easy. The only thing that was a problem was shaping the cookie cups. I used a muffin tin so they would all be consistent. The whole experience of it was a gigantic pain in my side. Literally. I got side pains (maybe I was standing funny)! It was my first time shaping cookie cups, however, so I’m hoping it will get easier the more I make them. They were yummy after all, so of course I want more!

chocolate chip cookie cups

I used this recipe from Spache the Spatula. You can pretty much use any chocolate chip cookie (or just any cookie recipe) for the cup, but I would go for a recipe that makes firmer cookies. Soft cookies most likely won’t hold well with something in it and I feel the soft, mushy texture of it would take away from the creaminess of the panna cotta.


  1. Don’t worry about it being too thin. I mean, of course worry about it. Except I worried so much about the cups being too thin and then cracking that I made them too thick (as you can see from the picture above). If you look at the pictures of the cookie cups on recipe site, you’ll see that they’re perfect! The ratio was what I was aiming for but I was seriously sitting there the whole time thinking about how they were too thin.
  2. Be prepared for the pain that the chocolate chips will cause. They will make it difficult to form a nice smooth cup on the inside since the height of the chip will be taller than the cup’s thickness.
  3. Use a short shot glass to create the impression of the bottom of the cups first before you start shaping the sides. I only started doing this on the last 3 cups and it made life so much easier. You’re going to need the shot glass later anyways to press in the cup shape again while they’re baking.
  4. When making the panna cotta, make absolutely sure that all the gelatin dissolves before you continue pouring it in, etc. If it doesn’t, when it sets, it will form a thin layer of clear gelatin at the bottom of your cups. I guarantee you will taste/notice it. I did this by accident and I couldn’t help being bothered by it when I had some. :'(

Overall, guaranteed easy recipe. I was actually pretty excited about the cookie cups, heh. First time baking something is always exciting! I most likely won’t be making this much since I fear the wrath of the cookie cups. Now, if it were easier to make cookie cups I would just make these in place of regular cookies forever! I love, love, love the creaminess of the panna cotta along with the cookie. It’s such a convenient snack too, y’know, with the “milk” being inside the cookie already.


Nancy September 27, 2014 - 10:27 PM

Hope you enjoyed your time back in SoCal! I feel you about spending time with family :I. I’m the type who doesn’t like to spend too much time with my family (because someone’s bound to get mad or something)

!!! Disneyland!!! I was just there yesterday :D. The World of Color show is AMAZING. Fun fact: my work also makes one of the water special effects that’s used in the WoC (and Pirates too). I want to say it’s a bit ridiculous that the sushi place discourages technology but then again, I kind of understand its goal for authenticity. But how else would users share their items?? Unless they don’t care *__*/. And planning = win because it makes the whole activity process more efficient.

Good luck with your classes!!

Amanda September 28, 2014 - 12:10 AM

Thanks! Shame we weren’t there on the same day! Would have been fun to get a pic together ^-^ and ah yeah, I saw there are user pics on the restaurant’s Yelp page, but I just felt suuper uncomfortable with the whole no phone thing that they wanted.

Michelle September 28, 2014 - 8:35 PM

Aw, Disneyland. I really wish to go there. Will it be sad to say that I’ve never went nor went on a plane before? I hoping to change that because I’m finally working to get a passport. 🙂 Best of luck with your classes~

Jackie September 28, 2014 - 10:27 PM

Aw man, I totally get the food thing. I swear 75% of all the money I spend goes toward food, haha. I’m of the mindset though that it’s better to spend money on experiences rather than things (or at least that’s how I rationalize all the money I spend…) 🙂

It sounds like you had a good time back at home! I hope your school year goes well too~

Alice B September 29, 2014 - 12:10 AM

Eating is such a guilty pleasure. I swear it is; be it because someone is on diet or someone’s trying to save on a budget haha food is always engaging us in a love hate relationship! what a difficult bond to maintain. I can so feel your problem there. I experienced the same thing when I was in hong kong – aside from the crazy drugstore products haul, I was always hunting for food and snacks, geez. and now I’ve gained like 1-2 kg and am freaking out about it. sigh, the downfall of being so insecure and weight conscious, you see.

I have a feeling that when I finally have a job on my own and have a flat on my own (i don’t wanna say “my own family” yet because…yeah, i don’t want that yet LOL), i probably wouldn’t spend all hours with my relatives and stuff too. heck, even now i don’t like spending time with them haha it sucks when you’re in a family gathering and all they talk about is how you’re not enough for their expectations. (and don’t get started on the disappointment on their face, man…it’s like they’re throwing you that pathetic pitiful look) I’ll check on my parents, of course, because i’m the only child yea but spending hours with relatives haha NO

being a shut in lonewolf myself, i don’t really go out with my friends either. there’s only one person that i can hang out with for more than 10 hours and that’s my high school friend; other than her, i can’t really stand the others LOL i’m just so lazy to go out ugh *sloth*

awwwwhh disneyland! honestly, i’ve never been to one. not even when i was in hong kong. friend told me that the best one to go is in japan so i should make japan’s disneyland my first disneyland stop, followed by japan’s disneysea haha (friend also said disneysea rides are probably more of my forte because, and i quote from her, “disneyland rides are for babies” TTwTT)

it’s too bad you couldn’t take pics and review the sushi :(( i like seeing myself suffer from my blog buddies sushi post – ahem nancy of colorfulistic for example haha

Amanda September 29, 2014 - 2:50 PM

I know! I really dislike family gatherings because they get super nosy about your life and start giving you unwanted advice.

Oh my goodness, yes. You should definitely head to Disney Japan. 🙂 I really want to go there! If you do go, take a billion pictures please so I can experience it through you. 😛

Nellie September 30, 2014 - 6:28 PM

I come from a family where food is a central feature of our get togethers, so I’m a big fan of eating when I visit family. I’m definitely not judging you for eating so much! Haha.

I am so jealous that you get to go to Disneyland ANNUALLY! I’ve never been, and I probably won’t ever go. The unfortunate side effect of being from New Zealand, poor and chronically ill. Wah. I shall live vicariously through people who post pretty pictures on their blogs instead.

Becca October 1, 2014 - 4:03 PM

Haha! This reminds me so much of myself! When Andrew and I went to Ohio, we spent SOOO much money on food. At the end of the week, we couldn’t believe it. So we were both a little short on cash the next couple of weeks. ;P Eating is such a perfect and fun way to spend time with another person. If you wanted a cheaper alternative with the same kind of setting, a coffee date would be a good idea. Or, me and my best friend like to go for walks in the evening so you could maybe pick a park or some (free) attraction to walk and talk.

AW! That first picture of the lollipop/cookie/thing with the castle in the background is so perfect! I’ve never been to Disneyland since it is so far away from me, but I’ve been to DisneyWorld and it makes me want to go back!!

I’m glad you had such an amazing time and I hope that you can visit there again soon!

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