Doxie Derby @ Picnic Day 2014

by Amanda

Ever since the first year I learned about Picnic Day here, I really wanted to see the Doxie Derby (informally known as the weenie dog races)! I finally got the chance to spend 2-3 hours watching dogs race this past picnic day. Some pictures ended up getting a bit blurry because the crowd (and I) got a bit too excited watching little doggies run, haha.

Here’s them setting up! They were testing some runs for a little while.

The owners of the mini division lining up with their dogs! So many cute little dogs in one place.

This is Freddie and his owner. The race that Freddie was in was one of the most exciting ones, heh.

Look at ’em go! Those little dogs are fast.

The turnout was huge. I’ve missed this event in the past two years because I was either doing something else at the time or the line was so long I didn’t feel like waiting. Luckily I went early this year and snagged a decent seat.

And at the end the Dean of the School of Vet. Med raced the winning doxie ^-^

Yep, that little cutie dog won.

That was so worth spending most of my day on. I really hate that a lot of the events for the day are all scheduled around the same time, but oh well! I’ve still got a year or two around to hit all the spots.

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