Stress, stress, & more stress

by Amanda

Stress, stress, & more stress
I’m not good at managing my stress. I don’t think I’ve ever been close to figuring out how to deal with stress. I just kind of go on with everything and if it works out, then it works out.

That doesn’t always work. It hardly ever works. I had all my midterms for my classes this week and I swear, I feel like professors sit and plot to schedule all their exams around the same day. I know it doesn’t really matter much when you know the material, but my little head can only take so much! I just know I’d do better on the exams if they weren’t all piled on in the same time period. I like to focus on things one at a time.

So I’ve learned that I’m severely guilty of self-handicapping (as I’m sure many students are as well). I learned this wonderful psychology term from one of my current classes. Believe me, just because I know that I do it doesn’t mean that I’ll stop. In fact, it just seems like I’ve found an excuse to excuse my excuses. Does that make sense? Of course, I want to stop making excuses for everything. I know that if I do poorly on an exam, it’s all on me and my decisions. It’s just for some reason I find myself stockpiling stress by procrastinating by every possible means. Everything else just seems a lot more enjoyable when you know you have exam material to study.

I’ve sat around and organized things. I’ve worked on my sites. I bake. I watch TV shows. I play games. I somehow always manage to get through most, if not all, the material in the amount of time I have, but I can’t seem to do it without doing everything else. Every minute that I spend doing something other than study is one extra minute I spend worrying and stressing about how poorly I’m going to do on the exam. Funny thing is, I know this is a problem. I just can’t bring myself to study and only study. My breaks are always at least two times longer than the amount I spent studying.

In the past I’ve tried listing out all the tasks (study material) I had to get through. I’ve scheduled times to study and times for breaks. I’ve organized my study material into categories (what I really don’t know vs. what I already know well). I’ve tried using those focus apps that block certain websites for a certain period of time, but there are just so many other ways I can access procrastination material.

I will never understand how some people manage to do everything for classes, work, internships, and go out to party every other day. Does everyone around here run on a different time system? I’m pretty sure I could deal if I had more time. Perhaps if I started procrastinating earlier…? Heh, it’s worth a try. πŸ˜›

What do you do to balance stress in your life?