My blog has many identity crises

by Amanda
4 minute read

Did I actually get any blog posts in over the last year? No, I did not. Let’s just pretend that the last year didn’t happen and we should be all set. I don’t even want to dig into how many times I’ve done a “reboot” over my blogging lifetime.

I can’t count the amount of times over the last year I thought, “Hey, this would make a great blog post!” and never got around to it. I think the blog posts (or lack thereof) over the last year speak for themselves. Blogging isn’t hard. Motivation is hard. I’ve taken a lot of pictures. I’ve done plenty of things. I’ve certainly had a lot of thoughts. Maybe it’s that I just can’t pick one to share. But do I need to?

I’ve been trying so hard to define my blog that I’ve crippled myself with indecision and now I have nothing to show for it. Is this a food blog? Is this a fashion blog? Do I rant here? Do I post my hobbies? What am I?

I’ve been trying to answer those questions for years and I think it’s about time I stop trying to pick just one. Can’t I be a little of everything? Of course, knowing me, I’ll decide to be everything and end up being one thing. I might be okay with that. At least I picked something.

You might wonder how I get anything done at the rate I‘m going. I wonder the same thing. Frankly, I’m relieved that the rest of my life doesn’t develop at the same rate as my blogging. Sorry, blog. You deserve better and I make no commitments, but things might be in motion. No more announcements. No more status updates. (This doesn’t count as an announcement, does it? No…)

One thing that has been consistent over the last year (two, actually!) has been and will always be: my dog. Okay, our dog – he’s both mine and Zach’s. Actually, Zach is the only one who wakes up at the break of dawn to take him out so I guess he’s Zach’s dog and I just get to reap the benefits. I would love to share the tears, turmoil, and tremendous challenges we’ve overcome with Milo. I think he has taught me a lot of things and one of them really applies to this blog. If you keep checking the last place you got a treat, maybe more will appear.

Just like stubborn little Milo, I’m going to keep trying. I’ll figure out what this is one day (or maybe I won’t), but Z always tells me that it’s all about the journey.

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