Rebooting Amandify

by Amanda
3 minute read

It’s back! I mean, I’m back. It’s been almost 5 years since my last blog post and 11 years since I started blogging altogether. Maybe it’ll stick this time. ?

A lot has happened since my last blog post. With restarting everything, again, I didn’t want to get rid of all the posts I had. I still have some floating around here, but I want what’s still here to be a representation of how I am now and not how everything used to be.

Since my last blog post in 2015, I’ve:

  • Moved… a lot. 5 times to be exact. On the bright side, moving has caused me to throw away a lot of the stuff I was hanging onto “because.”
  • I graduated college (finally!) and started my first big girl job. I’ve since picked up a couple of promotions and am now wading through hundreds of emails a day. It’s the dream.
  • I got my car stolen. That was a first. At least now I’m pretty well versed in what I need to do if my car ever gets stolen again. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen again ever.
  • Zach and I got a dog. My first dog ever! He’s little Milo and he’s the dog I’ve always wanted, right down to the sassy personality.

I’ve probably had more things happen in the last 5 years than I can even recall at this point. The most important thing that has happened to me, is that I’ve grown. I read so many of my old blog posts while I was cleaning up this blog again and I couldn’t believe how different I am now. It almost felt like a completely different person wrote those posts.

Remember all those hobbies I tried to pick up and I couldn’t get to stick either? Well, I finally decided on some of them. Actually, I decided I’m keeping all of them but I’ll just do them on my own time and at my own pace. I always felt like I was trying to keep up with so many new things back then that I just ran out of motivation to even do anything. I’m definitely applying that to blogging, too. I’ve been blogging on and off for as long as I can remember and it has always been the one thing that I keep coming back to. I have so much more to talk about now! (hint: Milo ?)

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